Welcome to our clan, The Ultimatum!

lvl6 Clan

We are a strong and friendly war clan, always looking forward to meeting new clan members. Being loyal, active, and using both attacks when needed in wars is what we look forward to.

To be in wars, the wait is just a couple of wars. This is so that you may see how we like to perform our wars, our donations in the clan castles, our assigned targets, and furthermore. We win the majority of our wars, and lose only because of in game problems/ small attack failures. Although losing does suck, we always try our best in the next wars and most likely end up winning!

Clan Info:

Clan Name: The Ultimatum

Clan Tag: #8JVPLPJU

Clan Level: 6

Wars Won/Lost/Drawn/Frequency: 102-13-13-Twice A Week

Types of Wars: 10/15v15 Wars

Clan Location: International

Required Trophies: 1200+

Clan Info

Clan members:

DJLone: Leader

Kat: Co-Leader

_VinnyCheung: Co-Leader

MustafaTheBeast: Co-leader

Farooqi: Co-leader

Kevin: Co-leader

Steven: Member

Buddy: Elder

Destroyer: Elder

Mahd Sheikh: Elder

Hankster: Elder

MinnieDog: Elder

Tipu Sultan




Ultimatium Group

Requirements to participate in Wars:


All level 7 walls, BK Level 5+, Drag level 3 or Hogs level 3, Golem Level 1+, Army Camps Level 6, Heal Spell Level 4+, Rage Spell Level 4+, Lightening Level 4+


50% of walls level 8, BK Level 10+, Hogs Level 4+, Golem level 2+, Army Camps Level 7, Heal Spell Level 5+, Rage Spell Maxed, Lightening Level 5, Jump Spell Level 1+

Any questions? Join the clan! We are happy to answer.