Scenario 1

Action 1: Send 4 Hogs on that wiz tower. Idea is to lure out all cc troops, take down that Wizard Tower and trigger any possible giant bombs or spring traps.

Action 2: Lure out cc troops and kill them with archers and wiz or Barb king. Ideally you should have a poison spell. DO NOT start Hog unless all CC troops have been killed. 1 Wiz, Witch or dragon can destroy full hog attack.

Action 3: Send all hogs except CC Hogs in two groups on two indicated spawn locations.

Action 4: Place heal spell where indicated. Follow areas where most hogs go and place 2nd and 3rd heal spell accordingly.  If you don’t know where to place them then place them in areas indicated in the image. Wait for hogs to reach in those areas and then send spells.

Action 5: As soon as third heal spell has been placed, start clearing out outside buildings. Send clean up troops (Archers, Wiz, BK) and spread them out a bit. Send clean up troops in a way that even if all hogs die before killing all defence buildings, they can reach town hall and take it down.

Suggested Army Comp with level2 Hogs: 30 Hogs, 24 Archers, 1 barb, 5 Wizards, 1 Giant (for distracting defence buildings), 3 Heal Spells, 1 Poison Spell

Clan Castle: Max level 5 Hogs (Send them in the middle of the raid where required)


TH8 - Hog Attack strategy

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Scenario 2

TH8 Hog Attack Plan

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A Base with good spring trap locations.

Action 1: Send 4 Hogs on each Archer tower to kill it and trigger the spring trap behind it. So 8 Hogs in total.

Action 2: Kill the CC Troops. By sending hogs in step 1, it will also lure out the CC dragon or other troops. so lure it out in some corner and kill it with archers or wiz or both.

Action 3: After you have successfully killed CC troops. Its time to send Hogs in 3 lines. In image there are the positions from which you are going to send hogs.

  • S1:  Send 10 hogs on that canon
  • S2:  Send 10 Hogs on that canon
  • S3: Send 4 Hogs on that empty square it probably has Tesla inside it.

Note: Spawn Hogs in lines exactly on those spots where I have written S1, S2 & S3 in image. try to spawn hogs in position S1 & S2 at the same time and then 4 hogs on position S3.

Action 4: Skip to 5.

Action 5: Send heal spells on those suggested areas.

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